BITUMEN (lat. Bitumen – mineral pitch, petroleum) is highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum, which is a mixture of its nitrogenous, oxygenous, sulphurous and metal-containing derivatives.
Bitumen is a petroleum derivative, a mixture of a huge quantity and variety of mainly organic substances.
Organic chemicals is a broad class of “living” compounds, which will frequently contain carbon. All known life is based on organic compounds, where carbon is a basic element. Carbon is a living base.
Consequently, “organic” means live. Everything, which was created by Nature, has life in itself. Bitumen is a “living organism” which is able to form and “live” in specific organic conditions, which are appropriate for bitumen.
BIOTUM is an innovative product, which has been developed on the basis of biogenous structure of bitumen. The Bitumen basis is a specific biota (Greek, biote – “life”, the living organisms of a region or habitat), created for a life of bitumen and improvement of its properties.
BIOT + U M = Use of Mind = Smart Use of biotic material
A totally new approach to formation of a special biota and basis for production of innovative materials with superior properties and available for everyone.