Polymer Modified Bitumen

Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) are composite materials based on petroleum bitumen  modified with SBS-polymers. To improve structure of bitumen we use petroleum products, polymers, plasticisers, cross linkers and adhesion promoters. Grid SBS-polymer in the structure of binders increases the strength and elasticity of the polymer-bitumen composition. Pavements based on SBS-modified bitumen are more effectively opposite eternal road problems: low-temperature cracks, rutting, fatigue cracking.

BIOTUM LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of bitumen binders. We can comply with standard requirements of norms such as EN 14023:2010 and the PG Grading System  or SUPERPAVE™. About grades PG 64–16, PG 64–22, PG 70–10, PG 70–16, PG 76–10, PG 76–16. BIOTUM has the experience and knowledge to assist to formulate the best possible modified bitumen for the intended application with the custom design or produce binders according to customer specifications. We specify the prices for modified bitumen, cost and terms of delivery on request, the final price of bitumen depends on the volume and delivery basis.