PMB 45/80-55, 45/80-65, 45/80-80

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Ductility test R&D BIOTUM CenterPolymer modified bitumen binders BIOTUM® PMB 45/80–55, PMB 45/80–65, PMB 45/80–80 are widely used in road construction. Recommended for production of the following asphalt mixtures: asphalt concrete, Stone Mastic Asphalt SMA, porous asphalt, mastic asphalt and hot-mix asphalt for thin layers.

The BIOTUM® PMB line is produced according to the European standards for modified bitumen EN 14023. The quality of the product is confirmed by the  Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control, accreditation is made by SGS.

Here you can purchase PMB 45/80-55, PMB 45/80-65, PMB 45/80-80 with the guarantee of compliance with the specifications EN 14023:2010 directly from the manufacturer. On request, we can produce binders in accordance with the requirements of National Applications (NA) of standard EN 14023:2010 or according to individual specifications. See other brands of PMB

We are suppliers of modified bitumen packed in drums (barrels) or in containers BIOTUM® BOX. Bitumen price and delivery conditions are specified individually on request. 

PMB 45/80-55, 45/80-65, 45/80-80 / Properties

Specifications of polymer modified bitumen BIOTUM® PMB 45/80-55, PMB 45/80-65, PMB 45/80-80 according to EN 14023:2010*

Specification PMB 45/80-55, PMB 45/80-65, PMB 45/80-80

* Example of the product specifications. On request, we can produce binders in accordance with the requirements of National Applications (NA) of standard EN 14023:2010 or according to individual specifications.

PMB 45/80-55, 45/80-65, 45/80-80 / Advantages
Лаборатория НИЦ БИОТУМModified bitumens BIOTUM® PMB  have improved strength and performance properties compared to similar conventional paving-grade bitumen:
  • a wider plasticity range improves rheological properties of our modified bitumens
  • strength and elasticity in the specified temperature range prevent rutting in hot seasons and crack formation in cold seasons
  • resistance to hardening guarantees high fatigue resistance of pavement
  • stability and homogeneity of structure preserver the properties of hot bitumen while long distance delivery
  • a huge range of classes of modified bitumen properties for the best selection of the  binder grade that is optimal for the operating conditions of the road surface
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PMB 45/80-55, 45/80-65, 45/80-80 / Hot PMB

Hot PMB is transported in clean heated bitumen trucks. Hot PMB must be stored in leakproof tanks with thermal oil heating system and repetitive agitation or circulation pumps min 2 hours a day. Before application it is recommended to agitate BIOTUM® PMB during 30 min under high temperature.

Follow the recommendations on storage to avoid ageing and thermal destruction of the material.


In case bituminous binders are stored under high temperatures more than 10 days, one of the properties has to be observed to control ageing degree: penetration at 25 °C, softening point or elastic recovery at 25 °С.

PMB 45/80-55, 45/80-65, 45/80-80 / Drummed PMB

Bitumen in drums BIOTUM PACKWe sell packaged PMB and paving grade bitumen in one-time use metal drums (barrels) of our own design and production. Capacity from 200 kg to 293 kg. Drums are joined in a pack, i.e. 4 drums on a pallet, securely tied up with a nylon band all round. Three different drum sizes enable to use space of a truck, a sea container and a rail car reasonably.

Contact us to buy drummed PMB 45/80-55, PMB 45/80-65, PMB 45/80-80 directly from the manufacturer.

  • Suitable for storage in open areas in stacks (like a column) up to 3 tiers in height

Download a detailed description about patented BIOTUM® drums

We recommend an automated decanter complex BIOTUM® DMS for heating and melting drummed BIOTUM® bitumen binders.

PMB 45/80-55, 45/80-65, 45/80-80 / PMB in containers

We sell packaged PMB and paving grade bitumen in BIOTUM® BOX containers (similar to clovertainers). Capacity up to 1000 kg. The cubic-shaped packing is a collapsible one-time use container placed on a pallet. BIOTUM® BOX rigid frame is made of water-resistant plywood 10 mm thick. Inside the frame there is a siliconized anti- adhesive bag designed for filling with bitumen binders. A container has a water-proof polypropylene cover to protect it from atmospheric precipitation. Bitumen binders packed in BIOTUM® BOX containers can be transported by all means of land and sea transport.

Contact us to buy solid PMB 45/80-55, PMB 45/80-65, PMB 45/80-80 in BIOTUM® BOX containers (similar to clovertainers)

  • Suitable for storage in open areas with piles of up to 3 tiers in height

Download a detailed description about patented BIOTUM® BOX containers

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